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Business English

HKLTC Teaching Methodologies

Private & In-house Training
Tuition Fee

BE001: Banking & Finance English
BE002: Legal English
BE003: Insurance English
BE004: Dipomatic English
BE005: Business English + IT
BE006: Business English + Marketing/Sales/HR

In-House Training Workshop
Tuition Fee

BE007: Business English Presentation Skill
BE008: Business English Writing Skill
BE009: Business English Telephone Skill
BE010: Business English Front Line Staff
BE011: Business English Consultative Sales Skills
BE012: Super Intensive Business English for Corporate Managers
BE013: Job Interview Skills in English

BE014: Cover Letter & Resume Writing
BE015: Cover Letter & Resume Editing

New Courses in 2006

BE016 Writing Winning Bid Proposals
BE017: Tourism English
BE018 Medical English
BE019 Architecture English
BE020 Aviation English





Private & In-house Training

Tuition Fee
Time table for Chinese Course

Survival Chinese Course
Regular Chinese Course
Chinese Writing Course

Private & In-house Training
1.Business Mandarin for Investment Banks
2.Business Mandarin for Banking and Finance
3.Business Mandarin for Legal
4.Business Mandarin for Accounting
5.Business Mandarin for Commercial
6.Business Mandarin for Insurance





Private & In-house Training
Tuition Fee
Time table for Chinese Course

Survival Chinese Course
PC001 Cantonese in 3 months
PC002 Cantonese Telephone
PC003 Mini-Immersion In Shenzhen

Regular Chinese Course
Chinese Writing Course

Tuition Fee for Chinese Course




Intensive Chinese

Intensive Chinese Course




Business Japanese

Private & In-house Training
BJ001 Practical Japanese Conversation




Business German

Private & In-house Training
BG001 Practical German Conversation




School Course

Summer Programme 2014-2015 English for Kids

Music English & Sport English

Mandarin for International Schools




Translation & Interpretation


Translation Rates
Price for Interpretation Sevices



Language Editing





Language Partners


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Business English
Business Chinese
Practical Cantonese
Business Japanese
Business German
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