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1. Objectives:

Over 14 years successful teaching Cantonese for English speakers in Hong Kong, HKLTC has published its own Cantonese text book and CDs, with three levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) exclusively for enrolled students.

This practical Cantonese course aims to enable the learner to actually “communicate” effectively with native Cantonese speakers in the simplest possible manner. In the process of learning to speak Cantonese, the input should be “listening” and the output actual “speaking”. The dialogues, and the listening and oral exercises that go with the dialogues, provide the learner with an efficient method of input and output, i.e., listening and speaking practice, thereby improving the learner’s communication skills as well as boosting his/her confidence in the process.

Our teachers use daily conversation to overcome the usual hurdles which students face at the beginner’s level. This approach supports the focus on vocabulary and tones to build communication and confidence

2. International Student Mix:

Executive students come from all over the world to study Cantonese at HKLTC, creating a vibrant, multi-cultural atmosphere and the opportunity to meet people from many different nationalities. In 2008 we welcomed students from over 45 countries.

100 hours Practical Cantonese, happy students with sense of achievement! 100 hours Intensive Chinese for a British lawyer One week Practical Cantonese for Dutch merchandisers have factories in Guangdong with offices in Hong Kong
Mid-autumn festival shopping ,learn culture and language at the same time 100 hours Intensive Chinese for the best training outcome. Student Party, dress up, speak to the local and have fun!

3. Practical Content :

Part I - Practical Cantonese Topics include:

1. Give the best impression- introduction
2 . Welcome- Greetings
3 . Thank you- Greeting-Informal
4 . Introduce yourself- Nationalities
5 . Making Friends- Telephone Numbers
6 . Networking- Age secret
7 . Shopping- Buying Fruit
8 . Going out- Time
9 . Opening Times
10 . Dating and Dates
11. Party- Birthdays
12. Cultural Festivals
13. Direction and Places
14. Getting on public transportation-Taking a Bus
15. Have you got......?
16. Going Shopping
17. Going to the Market
18 . Ordering Food
19 . Taking a Taxi
20. Asking for Directions
21. Making a Phone Call
22. Making an Appointment
23. Getting a Haircut
24. Booking Theatre Tickets

Part II- Business Cantonese Conversations for Industry sectors
Corporate Client samples

4. Practical Cantonese Mode of Training & Price

Private 1-1
In-house corporate Training
In the Center Training

5. Practical Cantonese Learning Facilities & Environment

HKLTC classrooms are designed to suit both business and academic activity-based lessons and are fully equipped with multi-media teaching tools including AV equipment, computers and overhead projectors. Our clients can sit and relax in the reading corner in our small library while connecting with business headquarters.

HKLTC- Facilities & Environment

Language Lab Language Lab Language Lab Studying Room
Training Room Training Room Training Room Small Libaray

HKLTC corporate clients benefit from the following facilities:

• Dedicated Director of Studies
• Executive Welcome Pack
• Separate Resource Centre
• TV, video and audio facilities
• Coffee lounge
• Professional magazines and newspapers
• Fully equipped, air-conditioned rooms
• Complimentary internet access
• Wi-fi access and laptop to internet connection available in all classrooms
• Telephoning, message-taking and fax service on request

6. Social Programs

HKLTC Social Activity programmes allow you to see the sights of Hong Kong, enjoy its nightlife and at the weekends, hiking in country side, visiting one of its nearest city Macau. These activities also enable you to practise your Cantonese in a social setting.? Each month we organise a wide range of activities to suit all tastes. We also have information sheets to answer most commonly asked questions. Our aim is to ensure that you have a memorable time in Hong Kong.

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