"If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal"Corinthians 13 


Photo from the World Vision

Enabling the worldˇs children to reach their God-given potential

Our culture is to offer quality giving. We believe sponsorship change lives. Join with the World Vision Organization  and share your love. Our staff will NOT ask you to donate any cash to the Hong Kong Language Training Center or deposit any sponsorship to its account.

We support:

For students living in poor areas, a monthly fee of even $20 HKD for schooling and books is far from affordable World Vision helps to improve the children's learning environment by constructing schools, provides teachers with training and offering subsidies and scholarships to poor students.

Can you imagine walking for several hours to visit a doctor in the village clinic? --World Vision helps to recruit and train medical personnel and provide emergency medical assistance, body-check and nutrition programs for needy children.

Besides providing education and medical care for orphans and children in especially difficult circumstances, World Vision also provides training for parents, teachers, caregivers and foster families to offer holistic care for the children.

World Vision responds promptly to victims of disasters by providing relief and rehabilitation programs. World Vision also helps to improve agriculture and animal husbandry, provides resources and skill training and involves villagers in constructing roads, electrification and water systems, etc.

Through micro-enterprise development programs, World Vision provides loans, training and social services to the unemployed and poor workers. In addition, vocational training and a variety of activities are given to workers through factory ministry.

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