Translation Rates provides translation of brochures, documents, web-content, or multi-media files, from any language into Chinese or English. Our Quality Assurance process ensures that all translated documents are accurate, complete, and idiomatically correct.

Affordable Translation & Interpretation Services for Small & Medium Enterprise

Bridge the communication gape with Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and Asia.

Our scope of services covers all types of documents including:

  1. Advertisements
  2. Articles of memorandum
  3. Annual reports
  4. Building/construction specifications
  5. Business correspondences
  6. China-trade related documents
  7. Corporate reports
  8. Corporate brochures
  9. Contracts and agreements
  10. Company prospectuses/Offer documents
  11. Discloseable transaction notices & booklets
  12. DMCs (Deed of Mutual Covenant)
  13. Educational researches
  14. Interim reports
  15. Immigration documents (certified translation)
  16. M&A (Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  17. Marketing plans
  18. Police statements
  19. Prospectus for share listing
  20. Probate documents
  21. Press releases
  22. Promotional materials
  23. Speeches
  24. Training & conferences manuals

Price for Interpretation Sevices

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