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Business English Writing Workshop

Course Introduction

Business English Writing consists of a series of workshop-type modules designed to illustrate commendable techniques and skills in writing business correspondence, newsletters, proposals, and other promotional materials, using standard and professional English. Each workshop can be conducted as an in-house training, or as e-learning via the Internet.

Course Objectives

This workshop will enhance your ability to write financial reports, press releases, and other promotional materials so as to attract the widest possible attention from readers. The course will include a series of modules on Wording and Phrasing, Ethics, Plagiarism, Direct Wording, Protecting Information, Advanced or Technical Writing, Readability, Strategy, House Style, Capitalization, Numbers, Abbreviations, and Fast Checking.

Course Content

Learn how to

1. Reply effectively to angry and upset customers
2. Restore trust and goodwill with your customers through appropriate correspondence
3. Gain additional customer loyalty and a positive reputation through word of mouth
4. Turn a complaint into a tool for organizational improvement
5. Leverage compliments to increase your business and to enhance staff morale
6. Avoid legal liability in your letter or reply

Drills, games, and compositions will be used to assess participants' knowledge in terms of word usage, common pitfalls and errors, sentence structures, commonsense writing, and practical business writing skills. 

Course Format 

Day One: 09:30-16:00

Day Two: 09:30-16:00

Morning Session: 09:30-12:00

1.       Understanding the layout & structure of reports

2.   Analyzing types of reports  (progress, incident)

3.        Identifying the parts of a report: use of tenses in report writing--an overview

4.       Organizing your ideas in terms of the audience

5.        Selecting your writing style- passive or active voice?

6.        Analyzing ways of presenting background, scope and objective

Afternoon Session: 13:00-16:00

1.         Introducing your findings

2.         Making reports coherent and unified

3.         Interpreting charts, statistics, and figures

4.        Developing conclusions/ interpreting your findings

5.        Choosing the correct tone in report writing- sounding decisive vs. tentative about your findings

Morning Session: 09:30-12:00

1.         Learning model verbs in report writing

2.         Developing recommendations/suggestions

3.        Learning the difference between  an abstract and excessive summary

4.         Consolidating report writing techniques

Afternoon Session: 13:00-16:00

1.         Practicing writing reports

2.         Identifying errors and receiving feedback

3.         Avoiding common errors

4.        Learning from question-and-answer sessions

5.        Giving review & feedback: workshop consolidation

Course Format 

The course can be started at any pre-arranged time for a specified format, either private one to one, in house training for group or public course.

Program Dates & Fee

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