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Writing Winning Bid Proposals

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Put bid management to work for yougo after only winnable opportunities and win only profitable business.

Case studies
•  US-Hong Kong Cooperation in International Bid Projects (PDF)
•  2008 Beijing Olympic Games Projects Welcome HK Investors to Bid (PDF)

Why are bid proposals and bid management important?
Companies spend substantial amounts of money attempting to persuade customers to choose their proposal over the other bids submitted for a project. Major organisations invest in entire teams responsible solely for developing, writing, and winning bids. However, too many organisations fail to prioritise the proposal as a unique opportunity to set their bid apart from the competition.

This powerful workshop, Writing Winning Bid Proposals , shows you how to develop a structured approach to proposal writing that focuses so directly on the customer's needs that your offer stands out from the crowd. Participants learn skills and techniques that guarantee your organisation a competitive advantage at the critical point in your customers' decision-making process.

Writing Winning Bid Proposals: Course Objectives
On completion of the workshop, participants are able to:

  • Perform a Qualification
  • Carry Out a Prospect Analysis
  • Determine Win Strategy & Sales Themes
  • Prepare for Go/No-Go Reviews
  • Draft and Review Proposal Sections
  • Prepare for Negotiations/Presentations
  • Key areas of focus include:
    1. Why bid proposals are important
    Successful bid management is dedicating enough manpower to proposal writing according to the 80/20 principle.
    Perception: Managing perception, selling the value of services (Perception is reality.)
    Moments of truth: Client list; relevant skills and experience; solid track record

    2. How to develop a successful proposal
    Apply a proven structure for successful proposals
    Focus on the buyer's needs; address your understanding of the buyer's challenges
    Propose a unique solution to meet those needs; highlight your unique implementation: Let the buyer see just enough of your delivery and execution strategies to attract interest without losing the upper hand; protect your professionalism and copyright
    Sell your unique position, such as your successful related experience; project a expected future state
    Be aware of legal documentation and due-diligence issues

    3. How to present a successful proposal
    Structure the cover letter
    Write an executive summary
    Choose effective fonts, paper, and layout

    4. How to implement a successful proposal system within your company
    Review proposal templates
    Apply the 80/20 principle

    Consultancy Services for Bid Management

    In addition to the workshop Writing Winning Bid Proposals, HKLTC offers consultancy services for bid management.

    HKLTC improves your tendering/bidding performance by:

  • Assessing your approach to major sales opportunities to determine what already works well and what needs attention, and establishes your priority needs to maximise early returns
  • Implementing a structured bid-management method that suits your organisation's needs
  • Helping you decide what to bid forand what not to bid for (qualifying)
  • Providing experienced bid managers for the interim
  • Facilitating sales-strategy workshops
  • Providing an objective critique of your proposalbefore it is submitted
  • Offering a choice of training options

    Essential ready to use guide: How to win government contracts

    1. Company Credentials
    2. Specialized in Client's need:
    3. Training expertise
    4. Reliable
    5. Past relevant experience:
    7. Tract Record
    8. Qualified
    9. Capability
    10. Stand By
    11. Commitment
    12. Payment Flexibility
    13. Long Term relationship
    14. Best value

    Why HKLTC?

  • We maximum you investment of return. HKLTC workshops are designed to demonstrate the fundamentals of each subject in a maximum of one or two working days. You walk out with a handful ready to use strategies.
  • We save you time. HKLTC workshops teach only the key, relevant topics you need for success. Every participant leaves with a practical training packet to instantly apply what they've learnt.
  • We deliver quality. HKLTC workshops are led by professional trainers qualified both through academic recognition and real-world commercial experience.
  • Benefits to the organisation
    An understanding of the importance of bid proposals and bid management
    A range of tools to assist the organisation improve proposal writing, presentation, and bid management
    The involvement of all concerned in preparing a tender: bid managers, members of the bid team, and members of the sales team.

    Benefits to the individual participant
    The key strategies for improving the success of bid proposals throughout your organisation
    A comprehensive packet of practical tools that allow you to put into practice immediately what you have learnt

    Who should attend?
    The course is essential for any sales director, project manager, bid manager, or sales representative who understands the importance of gaining a competitive advantage through effective proposal writing and bid management

    Duration of course:
    1 - 2 days fast-track master-class training workshop

    Dates: Contact HKLTC





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