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Bring the working world into the classroom, and walk out with solid ready-to-use English skills.

Skill-Based Syllabus

One of the world's most popular tourist destinations, the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong attracts visitors from around the globe. Proficiency in TOURISM ENGLISH is an absolute necessity for moving into and up in jobs in the hotel and tourism industries. Tailor-made TOURISM ENGLISH , offered by the Hong Kong Language Training Center (HKLTC), is a powerful language-skills workshop. Highly practical and specialized in nature, the customized training in TOURISM ENGLISH deals with the language of tourism from an insider's occupational perspective.

This TOURISM ENGLISH helps Front Office and guest relations staff develop efficient oral skills for effective workplace communication in the hospitality industry. Students will learn the necessary industry-specific language and polite expressions for providing professional service to English-speaking customers and guests. Their English conversation and cross-cultural communication strategies will be enhanced through active role-playing of diverse work situations related to the hospitality industry. The TOURISM ENGLISH is tailor-made for those who genuinely need fluent English speaking skills for success in a hospitality career.

Essential in such venues as:
•  Airlines and the Hong Kong Airport
•  Convention / exhibition venues
•  Hotels
•  Tours
•  Tourist destinations: theme parks and museums
•  Visitor information and services centers

TOURISM ENGLISH benefits participants in three arenas:

1.  Equips them with solid ready-to-use English skills by bringing the working world into the classroom via a wide range of authentic materials from such sources as the Hong Kong Tourism Board and partners within the tourism industry.

2.  Enhances their professional communication skills with strategies especially useful in workplace situations, such as giving advice, dealing with complaints, and coping with various specific job-related scenarios

3.  Polishes their presentation skills by ensuring mastery of key grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation through a comprehensive integrated syllabus

The TOURISM ENGLISH workshops consist of 8 well-developed units. Each unit contains a variety of language tasks centered on topics related to the travel industry and organized into three major sections:

(1) Speaking, 60%:
Speaking activities apply language previously studied. Many of the conversation practices use real-life materials, such as extracts from the web-site of the Hong Kong Tourism Board , which are visually attractive and provide key, up-to-date information on important local travel destinations.

(2) Listening, 35% :
The listening activities are designed to accustom students to a variety of native and non-native speakers using English as an international language. The skill-based listening tasks ensure that all participants receive extensive communicative practice.

(3) Language Focus, 5%
The language focus includes vocabulary development and pronunciation practice and teaches grammar using a functional approach; the goal is to help participants become aware of the way in which grammatical choices convey meaning. The grammar and vocabulary sections arise out of the communicative needs of tourism professionals and feed into subsequent activities. Pair work tasks offer participants the opportunity to put language previously introduced to conversational use.

Tourism Conversational English for the Hospitality Industry
Subject Content:
1.Welcoming and offering assistance to guests;
2.Telephoning techniques;
3.Handling guest enquiries
4. Handling complaints;
5.Giving accurate and helpful information;
6. Socializing with foreigners;
7.Entertaining special requests from guests; and
8.Pronunciation and conversational practices.




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