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The ability to communicate effectively in business English is today a required skill for many corporate and public-sector employees. While conventional schooling might provide you with a good understanding of the English language, we specialize in helping you improve your ability to communicate more effectively and accurately in a professional world dominated by English.

HKTLC has gained a reputation as a pioneer of personalised English-language training to the world's leading corporate, public, and international organisations. Since our founding in 1994, we have worked in close collaboration with our clients to design and deliver English-language courses of unparalleled excellence.


By tailoring each program to your specific needs and using an individually designed approach for every English course, we are able to offer you individual English-language training of unequalled quality. You will benefit from some of the world's most experienced and effective English trainers, all of whom have considerable training expertise as well as practical experience in international business, law, finance,and diplomacy.


Programs available include Banking and Finance English, Legal English, Insurance English, Diplomatic English, and Business English.


Our clients' ongoing satisfaction is your guarantee of a top-quality, successful English program. Please click on the program above which best matches your requirements. To find out more about how we can assist you and your organisation with your unique English requirements, please contact us.

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Individually Designed Approach

From the inception of a program, with a needs analysis and course proposal, to the final evaluation, we ensure that the design and execution of your personalized training are handled smoothly and professionally. What is more, our approach offers you an entire framework of support: by taking on the administrative burden of your program, as well as providing continued support and monitoring throughout, we ensure that you receive the most appropriate and cost-effective training for you and your organisation.


For more information on how HKLTC can assist your organisation, please contact us.

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001 Banking and Finance English

English dominates the world of international banking and finance. Irrespective of the nationalities of the negotiating or commercial parties, English is the accepted lingua franca worldwide. Organisations and their employees operating in the field of international finance and banking, therefore, need to ensure that their command of banking and financial English is both confident and secure.


HKLTC's Banking and Finance English programs are designed to provide you with the key skills, tools, and terminology to operate effectively in an international financial environment. Whether you need assistance with writing financial reports in English or need to expand your command of mergers and acquisitions language, HKLTC's team of specialist banking and financial English trainers is uniquely placed to assist you.

Topics available include: Retail Banking Services, International Markets, Foreign Exchange, Credit Control, Investments, Loans, Trade Finance, Personal Financial Services, and Mergers and Acquisitions.


For more information on how HKLTC can assist you and your organisation's Banking and Finance English needs, please contact us.

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002 Legal English

Our Legal English programs, developed over many years in close collaboration with our clients, have assisted lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries to communicate fluently, efficiently, and accurately in Legal English.

In a field as precise as law, it is not enough to know how the dictionary defines a term or how to write a clause in a contract. Meaning and use in context are crucial, and only an experienced lawyer can convey these with sufficient depth and accuracy. The consequences of inaccuracy in law can be extreme!

With this in mind, we employ only dual-qualified Legal English trainerslawyers AS WELL AS linguists. Our faculty of Legal English trainers includes lawyers from such reputable firms as Clifford Chance, Baker & McKenzie, and Linklaters, as well as lecturers from the legal departments of the University of Hong Kong, the University of London, Brown University (US), and the University of York, Canada.

This means that at HKLTC, legal language is taught at the most precise levels of definition. Programs available include English for Lawyers, Drafting Contracts in English, and English for Legal Secretaries. 

In addition to the above Legal English programs, we design courses that focus on specific skill areas such as negotiating, advising, and advocacy. Over the years we have delivered training in topics as diverse as Corporate Finance, Intellectual Property, Construction Law, and Food and Drugs Administration.

All of our Legal English programs are fully portable and can take place at a location of your choice worldwide. Please click on the program above which best matches your requirements. To find out more about how we can assist you and your organisation with your Legal English requirements, please contact us.

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