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003 Insurance English

Our Business English branch offers insurance professionals language training in Insurance English of unparalleled specialisation. Each Insurance English program is tailored to meet your and your organisation's unique requirements. Whether you need to improve your English-language skills in an insurance context (e.g., communication, business writing skills, negotiation) or require a course focused on a technical insurance subject (e.g., reinsurance, brokerage, claims, credit insurance, captives, ART), we can provide you with training to match.


The key to the success of our Insurance English programs is our in-house team of Insurance English trainers. In addition to being qualified and experienced language trainers, our in-house team members possess many years' exposure to international insurance. They can therefore offer you their own practical and professional experience of the insurance industry combined with their expertise as experienced and qualified English trainers.

Training is available either on an open group basis with the English & the Insurance Industry group program or as tailored courses for individuals or in-company teams. Business English has no greater guarantee of quality than our clients. With many of the world's leading organisations relying on our services, you can be sure of receiving the results you require. To find out more about how we can assist you and your organisation, please contact us

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004 Diplomatic English (Tailormade for Embassies in China)

For diplomats in every area, effective and unambiguous communication is vital to establishing and maintaining successful diplomatic relations.


Whatever your diplomatic fieldrepresentative, consular, political, legal, commercial, defense, or culturalit is not enough simply to speak English well. To operate at the most effective diplomatic level, the ability to understand the subtleties and nuances of the English language and to communicate with precision, grace, and confidence is paramount.


Working in this field for over 10 years, Business English has extensive experience of meeting the requirements of the holders of diplomatic posts. Our Diplomatic English programs have assisted diplomats worldwide, from beginner to interpreter level, to communicate with subtlety and tact.


Designed in close collaboration with you and your department, Diplomatic English can focus on a number of scenarios specific to the role of a diplomat who is using English as a second language. These can include: presenting your country's position on key issues, meeting with counterparts, briefing the media, and dealing with emergency situations. To find out more about our range of Diplomatic English programs, please contact us.

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005-006 Business English (Marketing/Sales/HR/IT)

Whether you are a beginner or advanced user of Business English, Business English trainers will design a program to meet your unique Business English language needs. The content and approach of your program will be based on your and your organisation's specific requirements.  We understand that your Business English language training needs are unique, and we design your program accordingly.


To construct such programs, we speak to every client before design begins to assess current level, previous learning experience, professional requirements, and short- and long-term objectives. As a result, no time (or money) is wasted at the start of the course discussing these issues. Training begins the moment you enter the training room. (See Our Approach for more information.)

Our wide range of Business English training courses is delivered by our own experienced and successful Business English trainers. For more information on how Business English can assist you and your organisation with your Business English requirements, please contact us.

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