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Business English Conversation for Front-line Staff

Course Introduction

Business English Conversation for Front-line Staff is an intensive training program designed to provide cutting-edge skills for front-line staff in Standard English. This course focuses on handling both telephone calls and face-to-face inquiries. It is a highly practical and subject-focused course. Staff will come away with a clear idea of how to immediately apply what they have learned to their everyday work.

Who it is for:
This course is designed for front-line customer services team working in sectors such as banking, legal, accounting, finance, hotel industry, logistics and transportation, telecommunication, information technologies, and international trading.

Using tape recordings, and possibly video recordings, the course covers core English-language techniques for:

  • creating a positive impression at the beginning of a call
  • shifting an interview onto a positive footing when it has started off badly
  • saying 'no' nicely
  • Ending on a positive note.

These techniques will be drawn from conventional customer-care, assertiveness, and negotiation skills training, selected and presented to conform to the specific kinds of conversations front-line staff deal with. All examples will relate to the context of the particular industry.

Participants will apply these English-language techniques in practice scenarios that are typical of their working situation. They will role-play and work together to develop outline scripts that they can away from the course to used as prompts as they put their techniques into practice.

Relevant workshop:

Course Content Stage

Module Content
Session 1

nIntroduction & overview of the tailor-made course
nResponding effectively on the telephone
nUseful phrases for telephoning
nTaking messages & redirect calls
nEnding a call on the right tones
nUsing a suitable tone and intonation on the telephone

Session 2

nCommon mistakes in telephone English
nDealing with enquires
nIntroducing services, products & actives
nMaking suggestions & proposing alternatives
nRole play

Session 3

nHandling into related enquires over the phone (1)
nDeveloping questions direct and indirect
nClarifying techniques
nRole play

Session 4

nHandling info related over the phone(2)
nMaking arrangements/appointments
nFollowing-up and structuring telephone calls
nRole play

Session 5

nDealing with inquires face to face
nDemonstrating effectively
nComparisons with telephone English
nSuitable language, tone, manner and body language
nRole play

Session 6

nHandling customers
nBody language
nSuggesting alternatives
nMaking recommendations/suggestions
nQuerying and asking questions

Session 7

nDealing with difficult customers and complaints
nChecking understanding
nApologizing & reassuring language
nExplaining follow-up action(s)
nOffering Assistance & suggesting alternatives
nRole Play

Session 8

nRole Plays
nQuestion & Answer Sessions

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