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Business English Presentation Skill Workshop

Course Introduction

Presentation Skills in Business English is an intensive training program designed to provide cutting-edge skills for making presentations in standard English. While executives may be experienced in making presentations, presenting in the English language may be a challenge for non-English speakers. This course is designed for corporate executives; managers of law firms, accounting firms, banks, and investment houses; senior government officials; members of the diplomatic corps; and decision makers in the education sector.

Course Content

1. Choosing and speaking English words correctly
2. Understanding the English-speaking culture and gestures
3. Communicating success through nonverbal techniques
4. Preparing and delivering a persuasive presentation
5. Developing and demonstrating confidence throughout the presentation
6. Motivating listeners to understand and take action
7. Designing an action-oriented presentation
8. Dealing with difficult questions
9. Anticipating and preventing problems before they occur

A wide variety of presentation topics will be discussed, including:

1. Introducing an IPO
2. Assessing a merger & acquisition
3. Discussing due diligence at board meetings
4. Presenting strategies & plans for a joint venture
5. Designing speeches for marketing campaigns
6. Presenting an annual report to investors
7. Interviewing with the media
8. Speaking at industry conferences and seminars
9. Presenting greetings at annual dinners

Plus workshop language-training sessions on such topics as:

1. Public listing
2. Cash management
3. Derivatives
4. Clearing
5. E-business & information services
6. IT/systems

Day One: 09:30-16:00

Day Two: 09:30-16:00

Morning Sessions: 09:30-12:00

1.         Understanding how to start a presentation

2.         Learning ten dynamic ways to open a presentation and gain immediate listener attention

3.         Learning how to transition from one part of a presentation to the next

4.         Choosing useful words and phrase for linking ideas

5. Mastering strategies for closing a presentation which encourage a strong next-step action

Afternoon Sessions: 13:00-16:00

1.         Creating an effective impromptu presentation: useful expressions and structuring

2.         Preparing and using visual aids

3.         Describing graphs, charts, trends, and figures

4.         Concluding presentations: summarizing techniques and language use

5.         Conducting a sample presentation

Morning Sessions: 09:30-12:00

1.         Practicing impromptu presentations throughout the session

2.         Understanding the importance of body language

3.         Learning techniques for emphasizing and minimizing your message: appropriate tone

4.    Developing effective stories, examples, anecdotes, metaphors, and analogies to emphasize and enhance key points

5.         Consolidating presentation skills

Afternoon Session: 13:00-16:00

1.         Giving formal presentations

2.         Analyzing participants' individual performances

3.         Receiving feedback from peers and trainer

4.         Learning from question-and-answer session

5.         Giving review & feedback: workshop consolidation

 Course Format 

The course can be started at any pre-arranged time for a specified format, either private one to one, in house training for group or public course.

Program Dates & Fee

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