The Most Popular Business English Series!!!

 1 day Job Interview Workshop Outline

Session One :

Interview with Standard Questions

Session Two:

Interview with Challenging Questions

Time:  09:00-12:00

(1) Preparing for an interview

nHighlighting job interview preparation list
Preparing to make a good impression
Understanding the typical structure of a job interview
Finding the best way to break the ice
Introducing the best part of yourself according to the job requirements
Developing a personal inventory building a vocabulary of personal characteristics  

(2) Responding to standard questions effectively

nReviewing  questions commonly asked in a job interview
Responding effectively  concisely, clearly, and logically
Expressing yourself regarding your education, work experience, extracurricular activities, and skills related to the potential job offer
Mastering precise grammatical speech- use of tenses, time expressions and phrasing

Time: 13:00-15:00

(3) Responding to more challenging questions

nReviewing of a list of challenging questions
Enhancing language development possible responses to the ¨IF〃 questions
Learning clarifying techniques
Getting the right tone in your speech
Projecting and sounding positive
Conducting mock interviews and receiving feedback

(4) Interview Role play

nIdentifying a process for resolution
Acquiring techniques for ending an interview asking questions/saying goodbye
Receiving Individual feedback from trainer
Receiving peer group feedback and advice


1 day
Job Application Letters & Resume Writing Workshop Outline

Session Three:

Preparing a Resume

Session Four:

Writing Cover Letters

Time: 16:00-17:00

(1) Preparing your resume

n         Guidelines for resume preparation
n         Formatting your resumeadding necessary content
n         Developing a personal inventorybuilding a vocabulary of personal characteristics 
n         Deciding on relevant and specific content
n         Using action verbs

(2) Compiling a resume

n         Tailoring your resume to a specific position
n         Reviewing the parts of a resume in more detail
n         Language/structure for describing education background, professional achievement, work experience, extracurricular activities and skills
n         Writing practice

Time:  17:00-18:00

(3) Writing a cover letter

n         Understanding layout and format of job application letters
n         Analyzing parts of a job application letter
n         Opening of an application letter
n         Describing background and experience
n         Ending an application letter
n         Avoiding common errors

(4) Writing Practice & Feedback

n         Review of writing effective resumes & cover letters
n         Writing your resume &  cover letters
n         Receiving Individual feedback from trainer
n         Receiving peer group feedback and advice


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