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Business English Telephone-Skills Workshop

Course Introduction

Developing effective telephone skills even in your native language is not easy, and the challenge becomes greater to perform well in English when it is not your native tongue. The manner in which your company handles telephone transactions makes the difference between conveying a professional, polished image and producing frustrated, angry, and confused customers and business associates.

In this course, you will learn and practice methods for giving and receiving information over the telephone logically and clearly, building rapport, and dealing with difficult callers. Role-play exercises will provide real-life examples to ensure the course is relevant and applicable to your company's needs. You will also learn specific ways to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction. By the end of the course, the telephone can become one of your most powerful business management and sales tools.

Course Objectives

1. To create the best impression of yourself and your company, and present an image of total customer care
2. To communicate confidently and handle customer calls with courtesy, enthusiasm, and friendly efficiency
3. To handle calls in a structured way, project professionalism through your words and voice, and speak with clarity.
4. To manage difficult and aggressive customers and resolve problems successfully.
5. To ask the right questions, LISTEN, and deal with inquiries, messages, and complaints effectively
6. To close calls by summarizing outcomes and agreed-upon actions with the caller and by recording details

Course Content

Day One: 09:30-17:00

Day Two: 09:30-17:00

Morning Session: 09:30-12:00

(1) Creating a Professional Image Over the Telephone

n        Understanding how customers form their impression

n        First and lasting impressions: getting it right!

n        Handling the key stages of the call: achieving seamless service

n        Sounding professional and confident

n        What not to say:  avoiding the image-wreckers

Afternoon Session: 13:00-16:00

(2) Improving Your Telephone Communication Skills

n         Developing your telephone voice

n         Learning techniques that aid clear speaking - articulation, assimilation, rate, pace, inflection

n        Examining the difference between hearing and listening

n        Understanding supportive techniques that enhance listening skills: empathy and understanding

n        Examining techniques: being Courteous, Clear, Colourful, Concise, Consistent, Correct, and Communicative

Morning Session: 09:30-12:00

(3) Controlling the Telephone Process Confidently

n        Making and taking calls: the do's and don'ts

n         Being prepared and beginning the call

n        Sounding confident and helpful: building rapport

n         Dealing with inquiries: getting the facts and controlling the call

n         Ending the call

Afternoon Session: 13:00-16:00

(4) Handling Problems, Upset Callers, and Difficult Customers

n       Developing flexibility: handling every call effectively

n       Dealing with complaints and demanding customers: maintaining a positive approach

n       Resolving problems: identifying a process for resolution

Course Format 

The course can be started at any pre-arranged time for a specified format, either private one to one, in house training for group or public course.

Program Dates & Fee

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