Business Japanese


Tips for business professionals visiting Japan

BJ000 - Business Japanese Test
BJ001 - Business Japanese for Bankers
BJ002 - Business Japanese for Fund Managers
BJ003 - Business Japanese for Partners
BJ004- Business Japanese Elementary
BJ005- Business Japanese Intermediate
BJ006- Business Japanese Advanced
BJ007- Business Culture
Appearance, Behavior and Communications

Business Japanese III

1. Duration:
90 hours

2. Objectives:

The Business Japan series pays special attention to various styles of Japanese, including polite Japanese, informal conversation, and declarative writing. These types of conversational Japanese, centering on interpersonal relations, are generally considered beyond the scope of introductory courses and are usually relegated to the intermediate level. The advanced course, in particular, is constructed not only to improve conversational skills but also to raise the overall level of the student’s linguistic ability. It helps students to focus on natural conversation in interpersonal relations, covering more complicated constructions and a greater number of effective expressions.

3. Practical Contents
Lesson 1: Job Hunters
Lesson 2: A Canceled Reservation
Lesson 3: A Message from Chang
Lesson 4: Shopping for Pottery
Lesson 5: House for Rent
Lesson 6: Meeting Preparations
Lesson 7: A Save-the-Trees Campaign
Lesson 8: Sightseeing at Edo Village
Lesson 9: A Complicated Contract
Lesson 10: The Shinkansen
Lesson 11: Anniversary Party
Lesson 12: A Broken TV Set
Lesson 13: A Thank You Phone Call
Lesson 14: Late for a Date
Lesson 15: A Transfer, A Resignation
Lesson 16: Suzuki Caught Loafing
Lesson 17: Weight Control
Lesson 18: A Rock Concert
Lesson 19: “Floating-World” Pictures
Lesson 20: Edo-period Education

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