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BJ000-Business Japanese Test

BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test

Corporate Client Sample

With excellent teaching professionals and premier services, HKLTC has a long list of corporate clients taking Business Japanese course. HKLTC has customized the Business Japanese course for English Speaking bankers and legal professionals. The Business Japanese Proficiency Test ("BJT") objectively measures and evaluates Japanese communication skills in business situations. The BJT is mainly intended for business-related people whose mother tongue is not Japanese, supporting organizations include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and also the Finance and Legal Sectors.

The most popular tailor-made Business Japanese courses include:

BJ 001 - Business Japanese for Bankers
BJ 002 - Business Japanese for Fund Managers
BJ 003 - Business Japanese for Partners

HKLTC has designed three levels (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced) of Business Japanese for English speaking students in Hong Kong. At the beginning level, we put priority on ease of learning the essential basic Japanese, the intermediate and advanced level, we focus on natural conversation in interpersonal relations, covering more complicated constructions and a greater number of effective expressions.

BJ 004 - Business Japanese Elementary
BJ 005 - Business Japanese Intermediate
BJ 006 - Business Japanese Advanced
BJ 007 - Business Culture
Appearance, Behavior and Communications


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