Business Japanese


Tips for business professionals visiting Japan

BJ000 - Business Japanese Test
BJ001 - Business Japanese for Bankers
BJ002 - Business Japanese for Fund Managers
BJ003 - Business Japanese for Partners
BJ004- Business Japanese Elementary
BJ005- Business Japanese Intermediate
BJ006- Business Japanese Advanced
BJ007- Business Culture
Appearance, Behavior and Communications

Business Japanese II

1. Duration:
90 hours

2. Objectives:

We help businessmen, diplomats, technicians or scholars for whom Japanese is a second language to apply their learnt Japanese in their work after having only reached the intermediate level. We motivate learners to go on to specialized programs of their choice (Finance, Science, Marketing etc) after finishing the basic level – by expanding their vocabulary with kanji and kanji compounds dealing with their particular field.

3. Practical Contents
Lesson 1: ? Rush Hour
Lesson 2: Lost and Found
Lesson 3: The Health Club
Lesson 4: A Business Trip
Lesson 5: A New Word Processor
Lesson 6: A Pale Face
Lesson 7: Mr. Johnson’s Arrival
Lesson 8: The O-Bon Festival
Lesson 9: Prep School
Lesson 10: Letter from Kyushu
Lesson 11: Job Interview
Lesson 12: Hotel Reservations
Lesson 13: A Gift of Chocolate
Lesson 14: The Referee’s Role
Lesson 15: A Forgotten Umbrella
Lesson 16: The New Showroom Design
Lesson 17: Brown’s Diary
Lesson 18: Birthday Flowers
Lesson 19: The Public Library
Lesson 20: Cherry Blossoms

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