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BJ000 - Business Japanese Test
BJ001 - Business Japanese for Bankers
BJ002 - Business Japanese for Fund Managers
BJ003 - Business Japanese for Partners
BJ004- Business Japanese Elementary
BJ005- Business Japanese Intermediate
BJ006- Business Japanese Advanced
BJ007- Business Culture
Appearance, Behavior and Communications

Business Japanese I

1. Duration:
90 hours

2. Objectives:

This course is a survival Japanese course to equip learners being able to put to immediate use in conversational situations. We emphases on practical and hands-on drills conversational phrases and conversations. While vocabulary and grammar patterns have been limited to about one third of those in the ordinary beginning text, the selection has been made after a careful study of the situations in which English speaking students may have to speck Japanese. The objective is to enable the student to obtain the information he needs and to communicate what he or she wants to say in uncomplicated but adult language. The stress is not simply on grammatical accuracy. Careful consideration has been given to the actual linguistic patterns in Japanese communication.

At this introductory course, we provide a solid foundation for the study of Japanese at a higher level. Every student should be able to obtain a good grasp of just what kind of language Japanese is while learning the basic conversational patterns. Because of this, it should be of value not only to people who are approaching Japanese for the first time but also a good review for people who already know a little Japanese but wish to confirm whether they are using the phrases they know in the right situations.

3. Practical Contents
Lesson 1: Introductions
Lesson 2: Address and Telephone Number
Lesson 3: Day and Time
Lesson 4: How Much?
Lesson 5: Counting Objects
Lesson 6: Going and Coming
Lesson 7: Going by Taxi
Lesson 8: Existence of People and Things
Lesson 9: Place, Location
Lesson 10: Tickets Bought
Lesson 11: Reading Review
Lesson 12: Telephoning
Lesson 13: Delicious Cakes
Lesson 14: Yesterday’s Enjoyable kabuki
Lesson 15: Giving and Receiving
Lesson 16: Asking Preferences
Lesson 17: Invitation to a Party
Lesson 18: Ownership and Events
Lesson 19: Doing This and That
Lesson 20: Requests and Orders
Lesson 21: Having Things Done
Lesson 22: Public Transportation
Lesson 23: Asking Permission
Lesson 24: Refusal
Lesson 25: Now in Progress
Lesson 26: Reading Review
Lesson 27: Present Condition
Lesson 28: Expressing Preferences
Lesson 29: Dining Out
Lesson 30: Reading Review

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