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AIC translates research data into information upon which our clients can act. Depending on the needs of our client and the research audience to be studied, we use a number of techniques. Most studies involve a blend of research methods, often beginning with one-on-one interviews and group discussions and then moving on to more quantitative methodologies.

1.           Environmental Scans

In addition to primary research, AIC Education Marketing often undertakes environmental scans for clients who are interested in learning more about the economic, demographic, employment, and competitive forces in their marketplace.

2.           Assessment of Existing Data

AIC Education Marketing can review their existing data from third parties and present executive summaries for the client to use to guide their marketing decisions. This review by an objective third party who has the perspective and time to synthesize the most pertinent data provides a valuable service that many colleges and universities simply do not have the internal resources to undertake themselves.

3.           Methodology & Analysis

Whether you are interested in simple measures of central tendency or more sophisticated inferential statistics, AIC Education Marketing can provide the level of analysis you need.

4.           Final Report & Presentation

Each report and presentation developed by AIC Education Marketing includes an understandable presentation of the findings and insight into how the data can be used to enhance marketing, recruiting, and brand building efforts. Each market research program concludes with an executive summary and suggested next steps and action items that help our clients use the research more effectively.

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Integrated marketing offers colleges and universities significant opportunity to coordinate resources and improve performance. AIC Education Marketing begins the planning process with a time of discovery, during which we conduct initial campus interviews and review existing marketing research. At this early stage, we are interested in learning how your definition of integrated marketing and the composition of the planning team, as well as your initial marketing goals.

After a time of synthesis, we help the marketing team clarify their overall marketing goals, making sure these dovetail with the strategic plan. Once goals are in place, we help the client identify target audiences, target geographies, key messages, action plans, budgets, and timelines. The result is an integrated marketing plan that is highly customized for each client and their needs.

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Whether you are interested in recruiting students, raising dollars, or attracting and retaining the best possible faculty, a strong brand is one of your most important marketing assets.

While most people intuitively recognize the value of a strong brand, understanding exactly what a brand is and what it takes to build a strong brand are entirely different matters.

At AIC Education Marketing, we believe that a brand is a promise that a college or university makes to its most important audiences. To help our clients build the strongest brand possible, we have developed a powerful four-step process.

1.           Make a promise.

2.           Communicate your brand promise to generate awareness.

3.           Live your promise.

4.           Continually strengthen your brand promise.

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