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AIC Education Marketing audits and assessments are designed to review a critical function or area with an eye toward evaluating and improving performance. The audits and assessments we complete most often are outlined below:

1.           Student Recruiting Audit

The student recruiting audit is a comprehensive review of your overall undergraduate and/or graduate recruiting strategies. As part of the audit, we evaluate budgets, recruiting goals, staff usage, territory management and travel, telemarketing, audience segmentation, direct mail, and Web strategy, and how you award and communicate financial aid. We also examine the timing and sequencing of all your funnel contacts, paying special attention to the interface between print and digital media.

2.           Marketing-Communications

The marketing-communications audit examines how well you communicate to your most important internal and external audiences. As part of the audit, we evaluate your efforts against a three-tiered integrated marketing-communications model that stresses strategic integration, organizational integration, and message integration. During the course of the audit we also review the resources people, dollars, technology that support your marketing-communication efforts.

3.           Competitive Positioning Audit

The competitive positioning audit determines how you and your institution are perceived by prospective students,  compared with other colleges and universities. Using both primary and secondary research, this audit concludes with an outline of specific marketing strategies that will help you compete more effectively for prospective students. The competitive positioning audit is often used prior to the creation of an integrated marketing-communications plan.

4.           Brand Marketing Assessment

The comprehensive brand marketing assessment includes three audit components. First, we take a look at how you are perceived and positioned by external audiences. Second, we examine your mission and vision statements, strategic plan, existing market research, and current graphic identity system, and we conduct a series of discussions and interviews with key administrators, faculty, and students. Third, we review the brand promises and related messages used by your competitors. The result is a balanced look at your current brand that lays the foundation for the creation of a brand promise and brand communication plan.

5.           Academic Program Marketability Audit

The academic program marketability audit is designed to help you determine which of your academic programs are of most interest to prospective students. The marketability audit will also give you insights into how these programs might be better marketed and what new programs you should offer. The academic program marketability audit is an essential first step in a segmented recruiting strategy that will prove extraordinarily powerful in marketing your institution.

6.           Financial Aid Audit

The financial aid audit involves a comprehensive review of your financial aid strategies, practices, and procedures. It pays special attention to how aid is determined, packaged, and communicated and examines staffing, staff training, customer service, and other elements of a successful financial aid operation.

Our Approach

Our audits and assessments typically involve a three-step process.

1.           We ask each client to complete a detailed pre-visit audit questionnaire. This document orients us to your campus and outlines key issues so we may concentrate on the most critical areas during our time on campus.

2.           AIC Education Marketing team consultants conduct a series of interviews and group discussions with your faculty.

3.           After compiling the audit questionnaire responses and the findings from the team visit, we prepare a detailed final written report. AIC Education Marketing takes pride in the quality of our written reports, so you can count on careful analysis as well as clear and succinct recommendations.

Additional Information

For more information about our audits and assessments, or to ask a specific question, please contact Dr. Jason Cross,


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