Business Mandarin

Business Mandarin
HKLTC Teaching Methodologies

BM000: Finance & Legal Mandarin in 4 weeks
BM001: Business Mandarin for Investment Banks

BM002: Business Mandarin for Banking & Finance
BM003: Business Mandarin for Legal
BM004: Business Mandarin for Accounting
BM005: Business Mandarin for Commerical
BM006: Business Mandarin for Insurance

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If you are on gardening leave, investing in yourself by mastering Finance & Legal Mandarin in 4 weeks

HKLTC Legal & Finance Mandarin programs, developed over many years in close collaboration with our clients, have assisted lawyers, legal Consuls, fund managers, risk management and bankers to communicate fluently, efficiently, and accurately in Legal and Finance Mandarin.

HKLTC employs only dual-qualified Legal Mandarin trainers: lawyers AS WELL AS linguists. Our faculty of Legal & Finance Mandarin trainers includes Mandarin legal expert with LLB and LLM from University of Hong Kong and well know universities from mainland China.   This means that at HKLTC, legal Mandarin is taught at the most precise levels of definition. We have four leading programs available, which are:
Business Mandarin for IPO,
(2) Business Mandarin for M&A,
(3) Business Mandarin for Corporate Finance, and
(4) Business Mandarin for Property Finance.

In addition to these four programs, we also provide bonus Mandarin courses that focus on specific skill areas such as negotiating, advising, and advocacy.

Students from

Program One: IPO


Reasons of Listing

2 hours


Underwriters Meeting

2 hours


Organization Structures

2 hours


Legal Advice from Lawyers

2 hours


Cocktail Party at HKEX

2 hours

Program Two: M&A & Due Diligence


Letter of Intend

2 hours



2 hours


Due Diligent  

2 hours


Company Visit

2 hours



2 hours

Program Three Corporate Finance & Collateral


Winning the

2 hours


Loans terms and agreement

2 hours


Collateral document

2 hours


Loan Contract

2 hours


procedures of Collateral register

2 hours

Program Four Real Estate Finance


Property Reform Policy in China

2 hours


Leasing Contact

2 hours


Right of Ownership of Property 

2 hours


Land Register

2 hours


Property Management

2 hours

Course Fee

Private one to one or in-house training


Total Course Fee

Hourly Rate

  Two weeks 20 hours: HK$20,000 $1,000/hr
  Three weeks 30 hours: HK$27,000 $900/hr
  Four weeks 40 hours: HK$32,000 $800/hr

Learning Facilities & Environment

Click here to see our two training centers, one in Causeway Bay and one in Wancahi.

HKLTC- Wanchai center classrooms are designed to suit both business and academic activity-based lessons and are fully equipped with multi-media teaching tools including AV equipment, computers and overhead projectors. Our clients can sit and relax in the reading corner in our small library while connecting with business headquarters.

HKLTC- Facilities & Environment

HKLTC exclusively provide the Wanchai training center, which is only 5 minutes to Times Square . Corporate clients benefit from the following facilities:

• Dedicated Director of Studies
• Executive Welcome Pack
• Separate Resource Centre
• TV, video and audio facilities
• Coffee lounge
• Professional magazines and newspapers
• Fully equipped, air-conditioned rooms
• Complimentary internet access
• Wi-fi access and laptop to internet connection available in all classrooms
• Telephoning, message-taking and fax service on request


HKLTC will be glad to arrange cozy and affordable accommodation for enrolled students.  A selected home accommodation for HKLTC students- Fully furnished and renovated in the quiet, private and convenient area of Cattle Peak road, supermarket, restaurant, and all facilities within walking distance. Escape from the City, enjoy the stunning green mountain and fresh air. It is paradise, the ultimate oasis form the bustle city life, your desired home destination with acres greenery and wide, open space proximity to urban enters, luxuries facility 24hr security and providing everything a person is looking for.

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