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Business Chinese focuses on practical language skills that are most helpful in actual business interactions with Chinese-speaking communities. Classroom activities, TASK-BASED and largely in the form of real world simulation, will be based on authentic documents and correspondence as well as a textbook. Some highlights are: business negotiation in international trade, business letter writing, business documents comprehension/translation, business oral presentation, commercial language and word processing.

Training Objectives:

1. Understand the basic terminology, format of letters and documents in Modern Chinese related to business and foreign trade.
2. Conduct business negotiation in Chinese by using appropriately the learned terminology and expressions.
3. Understand business-related essays, recognize the rhetorical structures of the essays and group adjacent paragraphs into a larger section according to a main idea, summarize in Chinese the main ideas of each section as well as the entire essay.
4. Read and comprehend the relevant business documents written in Chinese, such as sale and purchase contract, letter of credit, invoice, insurance policy, and other business letters involving import and export trade.
5. Distinguish the stylistic differences between formalness and informalness, colloquial and written Chinese, and be able to write formal business letter in the appropriate format and using the correct register.

Know the format of a resume in Chinese and prepare one in Chinese for business purposes.



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