HSK Preparation Course for HSK Tests 2015-2016

Placement Test: HSK Level 1-6: US$200

HSK Intensive Chinese Courses in Hong Kong

1. The Program
2. Course Content
3. Timetable
4. Student Activities
5. Course Fee
6. Accommodation & Travel
7. Requirements
8. Registration & Information
9. Corporate Client List
10. Facilities & Learning Environment

The most popular Immersion Chinese program in Hong Kong since 1994

Teachers of HKLTC:? May, Charlotte, Ben, Jocelyn, Jesssie
Small group guarantees success Cozy and quiet learning room Learning Pinyin is the essential tool to master Mandarin
Students have lunch with teacher Charlotte Students visit Central Library Hong Kong Students learn effectively
Students with Immersion class in Wanchai center Student and teacher become friends. American Students with Immersion class in Wanchai

1. The Program

Study HSK Intensive Mandarin at one of the biggest and leading language centers in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Language Training Center has been teaching Mandarin and Cantonese to students and business clients from around the world since 1994. Located in the busy Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong island, the program provides an intensive and comprehensive learning program in conversation and Chinese reading and writing. All courses are conducted by HSK Examiners and qualified teachers, who are certified in teaching Chinese as a second language. Classes are small, with a maximum of 7 students per class, which assures that each student receives the maximum of individual attention.

Students take 5 hours of class per day, Monday - Friday. (25 hours of class per week, or 100 hours per month) Includes language lab. Classes usually are conducted from 11:00am - 5:00 pm, with 1 hour lunch break and 1 hour language lab studying. All students take a placement test to determine level, and then placed in the proper level course. All levels are offered, from the absolute beginner through intermediate and advanced levels.


2. Course Content

HKLTC offers both Cantonese and Mandarin courses. Our teaching approach focuses mainly on "immersion - conversation" learning as well as reading and writing. Students are guided to speak only Cantonese or Mandarin in the classroom, and class size is kept small (7 or less), to maximize personal attention. All the Cantonese/Mandarin courses are taught by qualified native teachers who have completed special training for teaching Chinese as a second language to non-native speakers. A transcript (Certificate) is awarded to all students upon completing the course. See the program dates section for more schedule information.

Beginner: 100 hours in 4 weeks (HSK levels 1 and 2)

  • Solid foundation of Phonetic knowledge
  • Basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Basic sentences and daily conversations
  • Chinese culture

OBJECTIVE: Elementary: 100 hours in 4 weeks

  • Master over 600 words and recognize 200 characters
  • Be able to travel comfortably in China; understand and communicate: ordering food, bargaining & shopping terms, arranging casual appointments

Intermediate: 300 hours in 12 weeks (HSK levels 3 and 4)

  • Greetings/ introductions, simple phone calls, money/numbers and dates
  • Social introductions, discussing weather, asking directions
  • Vocabulary for expression and description
  • Chinese idioms
  • Writing simple notes in Chinese

Intermediate: 300 hours in 12 weeks

  • Master over 2,500 words and recognize 600 to 1200 characters
  • Be able to debate an issue- Communicate confidently with native speakers in everyday situations

Advanced: 600 hours in 24 weeks (HSK levels 5 and 6)

  • Discussing family, interest/hobbies, travels
  • Arranging appointments
  • Chinese Business culture - Discussing in detail business, cultural, and social topics
  • Analyzing case studies
  • Detailed review of Chinese culture and society
  • Reviewing general written materials
  • Understanding newspapers, periodicals, radio broadcasts, and television
  • Expressing yourself systematically using appropriate expressions and language norms.

Advanced: 600 hours in 24 weeks

  • Master over 8,000 words and recognize 2,500 to 5,000 characters - Understand Chinese culture and society
  • Be able to live comfortably in a Chinese environment- Discuss business topics with native speakers - Listen and comment on news reports, movies, and current events- Discuss and debate contemporary and professional issues


3. Timetable & Fee from year 2014-2015

Class Timetable
* 3-5 hours per day, 15 - 25 hours per week. Monday - Sunday.
* May begin at any session. On-going, year-around.
* May continue more than 12 months if desired.

Group Class Timetable


4. Immersion Chinese Mandarin Cantonese Hong Kong

5. Course Fee

Enrolment is accepted on a first come first served basis with deposit US$500. HKLTC provides EXCLUSIVE Immersion Program for Corporate (please ask for the VIP rate) , Families , and Individuals . Our exclusive Immersion Program runs at an on-request basis year round. Contact us and let us know your special needs, requirements, and preferred schedule. We will then tailor made the program to you.


6. Accommodation & Travel

Special accommodation for enrolled student

A selected home accommodation for HKLTC students- Fully furnished and renovated in the quiet, private and convenient area of Cattle Peak road, supermarket, restaurant, and all facilities within walking distance. Escape from the City, enjoy the stunning green mountain and fresh air. It is paradise, the ultimate oasis form the bustle city life, your desired home destination with acres greenery and wide, open space proximity to urban enters, luxuries facility 24hr security and providing everything a person is looking for.

Click here for Home away from Home

Budget accommodation and air ticket can be found here:


7. Requirements

Programs are open to all adults. Minimum age is 18 for this program. College students, teachers, working adults and retirees are all encouraged to apply. For your own safety, all participants are required to have comprehensive medical and accidental insurance. Upon confirmation of this program, HKLTC will provide the necessary "admission" documents to apply for an entry Visa at the nearest Chinese Consulate if necessary.


8. Registration & Information

HKLTC Registration Form, together with a non-refundable $500 (U.S) deposit. Early registration is advised. Register online, and review the registration and payment procedures located in the "Register Online" section as well as the "Q & A" section of this website.


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